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Unit: ESD floors

LMFFL3308A: Install anti-static resilient floor coverings
LMFFL3309A: Install conductive resilient floor coverings

ESD floors

Conductive flooring

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As we discussed earlier (in 'Static electricity in floors'), conductive floors have a low electrical resistance.

This is achieved through adding thousands of tiny conductive fibres or 'veins' into the tile or sheet product.

Depending on the brand of flooring, these conductive fibres or chips could be made of carbon, graphite, metal, or a combination of materials.

The structure of the resilient product is homogeneous, to ensure that the fibres are evenly distributed throughout.

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Installation method

To install a conductive floor, you should follow the manufacturer's instructions precisely.

There may also be additional building specifications that you need to comply with in the ESD safe area.

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Here is the general procedure.

  1. Apply a primer to the floor with a brush or roller. Depending on the manufacturer and the size of the floor area, you may need to use a conductive primer.

  2. Stick down the copper strip in the grid pattern specified by the manufacturer, and run it across to the earthing point on the wall.

  3. Use a conductive adhesive to stick down the flooring, and roll the floor with an appropriate sized roller.

  4. Check the electrical conductivity, and organise for a licensed electrician to earth the connection.
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Learning activity

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Go to the video clip produced by Forbo on how to install Colorex SD/EC flooring in ESD sensitive areas, at:

Installing SD and EC flooring in ESD sensitive areas

Although this particular product is manufactured as a tile, the process of marking out and laying the copper strips is much the same as for sheet flooring.

Watch the video and answer the following questions:

  • How does the installer mark out the floor to make sure the copper strip will be laid in a straight line and in the right position?

  • How does he draw a guide line on the wall to ensure that the line is an even distance from the floor?
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