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Unit: Work documents

LMFGN3001B: Read and interpret work documents


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Work documents include all of the printed or electronic records that are used to 'document' information.

So although some of them are text-based official-looking papers, such as contracts and specifications, other documents can come in the form of plans, drawings, spreadsheets and even hand-written notes.

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In this unit, we'll look at the main types of documents that you need to be able to read and understand as a professional tradesperson.

Some of these documents are also discussed in other learning units from the Flooring project. We'll refer to the relevant lessons from those units at various points throughout this guide.

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Working through this unit

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There are two sections in this unit:

  1. Working drawings

  2. Other documents.

Each section contains an overview, an assignment, and several lessons. The links to these pages will appear in the side menu bar when you select the main link for that section.

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