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Unit: Hand and power tools

LMFFL2001A: Use flooring technology sector hand and power tools




Allen key

Hexagonal headed wrench used with Allen screws or bolts.

Angle grinder

Power tool that fits a saw blade or grinding wheel that runs parallel with the body of the tool.

Ball pein hammer

Metalworking hammer, with a standard head on one side, and rounded head on the other side traditionally used for beating rivets to a mushroom shape.

Belt sander

Power sander with that uses a rotating sanding belt.

Builder's square

large right-angled square used for setting out roofing angles.

Circular saw

Hand-held power saw used for cross-cutting, ripping and angle cutting.

Claw hammer

Carpenter's hammer, with a standard head on one side and a claw on the other side used for pulling out nails.

Cold chisel

Heavy duty chisel used for stone, masonry and steel.

Combination square

Small square used to mark 90 degree and 45 degree angles.

Cordless drill

Battery operated drill.

Firmer chisel

Heavy duty carpenter's chisel used for timber framing.

Hand saw

Carpenter's hand-held saw, used for crosscutting or ripping timber.

Jack plane

All-purpose hand plane used to smooth rough boards or make joins flush.

Nail gun

Pneumatic powered gun that fires nails.

Orbital sander

Power sander with an orbital action.


Power tool that that fits a variety of bits, used for grooving, shaping and cutting decorative edges.

Sharpening stone

Block of natural or artificial stone used to sharpen chisels and cutters.

Staple gun

Pneumatic powered gun that fires staples.