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Unit: Making measurements

MSAPMOPS101A: Make measurements


Practical Demonstration Checklist

The checklist below sets out the sorts of things your assessor will be looking for when you undertake the practical demonstrations for this unit.

Make sure you talk to your trainer or supervisor about any of the details that you don't understand, or aren't ready to demonstrate, before the assessment event is organised. This will give you time to get the hang of the tasks you will need to perform, so that you'll feel more confident when the time comes to be assessed.

Practical demonstration checklist

You will be asked to select a range of measuring devices or instruments that you use at work and demonstrate your ability to use each one competently.

For each device, your assessor will ask you to:

  • describe its purpose and the units of measure it uses

  • check for faults and identify the parts that are most prone to malfunction

  • where required, check that the device is correctly calibrated

  • use the device to measure a range of items and demonstrate the process of checking that the measurements are reliable and accurate

  • explain any external factors that need to be taken into account, such as temperature, humidity, or changing conditions in the item being measured

  • carry out any necessary calculations relating to the measurements taken

  • record the results correctly, using the appropriate symbols and abbreviations

  • describe the process of reporting faults and dealing with malfunctions.