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Unit: Resilient tiles

LMFFL2302A: Install resilient resilient tiles using standard installation practices

Section 1: Tile basics

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In this section, we'll look at the different types of resilient tiles on the market and the adhesives used to stick them down.

We'll also talk about the methods used to prepare and condition the tiles and the most common patterns they are laid in.

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There are other important topics relating to on-site installation work that are not covered in this unit.

These are explained in detail in Lay flat vinyl in the lessons shown below.

        Dealing with the client

        Health and safety


        Assessing the subfloor

        Tools and equipment

Note that these topics will also form part of your assessment of competency in this unit, so you should make sure you have a good understanding of them.

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Completing this section

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The assignment for this section is designed to test your knowledge of different types of resilient tiles and the adhesives used to install them.

Have a look at the Assignment now to see what you'll need to do to complete it. You'll find the link in the menu bar.

Also in the menu bar are links to the lessons for this section:

  • Types of tiles

  • Types of adhesives

  • Applying an adhesive

  • Layouts and bonds

  • Preparing the tiles.

These lessons will provide you with background information that will help you with the assignment.

The Just for fun exercise will show you a selection of tile patterns and ask you to identify them by name.

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