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Unit: Making measurements

MSAPMOPS101A: Make measurements


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The ability to take accurate measurements and use them in calculations is central to the skills of a floor layer.

Some people find this sort of 'applied mathematics' easy. Others need to think more carefully about what they're doing to avoid making mistakes.

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But either way, the types of measurements and calculations that floor layers need to do are very practical, and once you understand the principles you can adapt the techniques to any site-specific situation.

In this unit we'll look at the mathematical concepts that underpin the work you do with numbers as a floor layer.

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Note that we won't discuss specific types of calculations in detail - these applications are left for the individual units they relate to.

However, we will provide the background information you need to know in order to take measurements on-site and use them to solve basic geometric and mathematical questions.

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Working through this unit

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There are two sections in this unit:

  • Calculating

  • Measuring.

Each section contains an Overview and a set of Lessons which cover the content material.

Assignments and practical demonstrations

There are no stand-alone assignments for this unit.

Your trainer may use the work you undertake in this learner guide and workbook to count towards your assessment of competence. However, your main assessment tasks will be integrated with the assessment tasks from other competencies in the Certificate III in Flooring Technology that have a particular focus on calculations and measurement.

They may include one of more of the following units covered in the Flooring Technology website project:

You will also need to perform a range of practical demonstrations.

To help you get ready for these hands-on assessment activities, have a look at the 'Practical demonstration checklist' by clicking on the link below:

Practical demonstration checklist

Select the link below to go to the first section of this unit.

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