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Unit: Planning and costing

LMFFL3001A: Plan and cost flooring technology work


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Planning and costing an installation job is a bit of a balancing act.

On the one hand you need to make sure you've covered all of your costs and made a reasonable profit for your efforts.

On the other hand you've got to give the client a competitive price in order to win the project in the first place.

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As every installation firm knows, there's more to staying in business than simply doing a good job.

You also have to pitch your prices at just the right level to make a fair profit, while still satisfying your client that they're getting value for money.

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In this unit, we'll look at the skills involved in planning a flooring project, estimating material quantities, calculating costs, and preparing a quotation. We'll start with an overview of the whole process, and then look in detail at various aspects of estimating and costing.

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There is a certain amount of mathematics in this unit. If you know how to work with percentages and decimals and use a calculator, you shouldn't have any trouble.

But if you need to brush up on basic maths, go to the unit titled Making measurements for more examples and practice exercises.

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Working through this unit

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There are four sections in this unit:

  1. The quotation process

  2. Floor covering plans

  3. Estimating quantities

  4. Estimating costs.

Each section contains an overview, an assignment, and several lessons. The links to these pages will appear in the side menu bar when you select the main link for that section.

Select the link below to go to the first section of this unit.

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