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Unit: Planning and costing

LMFFL3001A: Plan and cost flooring technology work





computer aided design

Cost estimation

the process of working out how much to charge for an installation project

Direct labour

on-site workers involved in the actual installation


period of time when the team is getting paid but not working productively

Floor covering plan

proportional sketch or scale drawing, plus installation details for the floor layer


Goods and services tax

Indirect labour

work done by the support staff who are not directly involved in the installation


running costs of the business, not including cost of materials and on-site labour

Proportional sketch

drawing produced on-site of the installation area while the measure-up is being undertaken


formal offer to carry out a particular job for a specified price

Scale drawing

a formal version of the proportional sketch, produced back at the office

Work plan

internal company document specifying how a job will be carried out