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Unit: Linoleum

LMFFL3301A: Install linoleum floor coverings


Your trainer may ask you to complete this assignment as one of the assessment requirements for this unit. For more information about the assessment process and advice on what to do if you need help with your reading and writing, click on the link below.

Assessment requirements

    1. What are the two main raw materials used to make linoleum

    2. What is the backing material made from?

    3. Why is linoleum often considered more environmentally friendly than vinyl?

    1. What does 'drying room yellowing' look like in a linoleum floor?

    2. What causes this effect?

    3. What would your advice be to a client who complains about the yellowing in their finished floor?

    1. Why does linoleum expand slightly across its width when laid into the adhesive?

    2. How do you avoid the problem of the seams peaking due to expansion?

    3. How wet should the adhesive be when you lay the linoleum?

    1. What is the difference in chemical reaction between a heat weld in vinyl and a heat weld in linoleum?

    2. How should you heat weld a linoleum seam in

    1. What do bight marks look like and how are they caused?

    2. Describe one method for dealing with a bight mark as you lay the linoleum.

    1. If you were cutting strips of border coving from linoleum field material, why should you cut them lengthwise along the sheet rather than across the sheet?

    2. How would you make the material more flexible when you are curving it over the cove former?

Doc (407 KB) Linoleum Assignment template

Click on the link above to go to the Word document you will need to complete. You should fill in your answers on-screen and then either:

  • print out a hard copy to send to your trainer by post

  • save the file electronically to submit to your trainer as an email attachment.