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Unit: Linoleum

LMFFL3301A: Install linoleum floor coverings


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The basic techniques used to install linoleum are similar to those used for commercial vinyl. However, linoleum has slightly different properties from vinyl, so there are a few important differences.

For each of the statements below, there are two options. See if you can choose the correct option from the dropdown answer box.

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When you cut and fit a long piece of linoleum, you need to make allowance along its length for the sheet to:
shrink slightly
When cutting seams, you need to make allowance across the width of the sheet for it to:
expand slightly
When a join is heat welded:
only the cable melts as it bonds to the routed seam
The process of heat welding seams is not the same as for vinyl , because linoleum seams need to be welded:at a lower temperature and slower speed