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Unit: Linoleum

LMFFL3301A: Install linoleum floor coverings


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The word linoleum comes from 'linum' (Latin for flax) and 'oleum' (meaning oil).

It was first invented in the 1850s, using oxidised linseed oil, cork dust and gum to form a resinous mixture, which was poured onto a cotton cloth backing.

Although there have been many refinements to the manufacturing process over the last 160 years, the basic principles haven't changed.

The main reason linoleum is still so popular is due to its long-term durability and wide range of colours.

It is also highly resistant to scratching and performs very well in high traffic areas.

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Before you undertake this unit

The content material in this unit follows on from the topics covered in the following two units:

If you haven't already completed these units, you should go to them now and read up on general techniques of installing resilient sheet products, along with the discussions on safety, adhesives and tools.

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Working through this unit

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There are four lessons in this unit:

  1. Properties of linoleum

  2. Cutting and welding

  3. Bight marks and end curls

  4. Border coving.

These lessons will provide you with background information that will help you with the assignment. This is designed to test your knowledge of the specific installation techniques that apply to linoleum due to its different properties and structure.

Have a look at the Assignment now to see what you'll need to do to complete it. You'll find the link in the menu bar.

The Just for fun exercise highlights some of the main differences between linoleum and commercial vinyl installation methods.

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Practical demonstrations

Your final assessment of competency in this unit will include demonstrations of your ability to install linoleum floor coverings. To help you get ready for these hands-on assessment activities, have a look at the 'Practical demonstration checklist' by clicking on the link below:

Practical demonstration checklist

Your trainer may ask you to keep a log book of the work you do on-the-job that relates to these tasks. This will help them to see whether you have had sufficient practice in the full range of activities needed to satisfy the competency requirements, and to determine when you'll be ready to undertake the assessment events.

Select the link below to go to the first lesson of this unit.

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