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Unit: Linoleum

LMFFL3301A: Install linoleum floor coverings


Border coving

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Coving in linoleum is generally installed as a border cove, with a separate piece joined at the floor to the field material.

It can either be the same colour as the field material or in a contrasting feature colour.

Border coving can be formed on-site from field material or installed as preformed pieces.

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Using field material to form a border cove

  1. Lay the field material first.

  2. Draw a line on the wall to mark the top of the coving. Fit a capping strip and the cove former using contact adhesive.

  3. Measure the full width of the cove and border using a flexible ruler or a scrap piece of material.
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  1. Cut strips of the correct size from the roll of flooring material. Note that the strips should be cut lengthwise - if you cut across the end of the roll, the piece is likely to curl inwards in the opposite direction from the way you want to turn it for the cove.

  2. Butt join each strip against the field material and check that it sits correctly.
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  1. Spread the adhesive and wait the required time. Warm the linoleum with a heat gun to make it easier to curve the material over the cove fillet.

  2. Carefully place the linoleum into position. Ease the top edge into the capping strip with a screwdriver.
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Installing preformed pieces

Some manufacturers produce preformed border coving with a reinforced backing.

This is supplied in long straight lengths and cut or mitred with a saw on-site.

There are also preformed internal and external corners, which can be used as an alternative to mitre cutting the long lengths.

These pieces are placed in position on the floor and heat welded to the adjoining pieces.

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Learning activity

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The link below will take you to an instruction video produced by an American company called Flashcove, showing how to fit and install their preformed border coves.

Installation for Flashcove prefabricated bases

Watch the video and answer the following questions:

  • How does the installer find the angle for the external mitre cuts with the use of a bevel (rather than a protractor)?

  • What tool does he use to push the coving firmly into the adhesive?

  • Why is the field material laid after he has installed the flash coving?
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