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Unit: Communication and teams

MSAPMSUP102A: Communicate in the workplace
MSAPMSUP106A: Work in a team

Section 1: Communicating with others

Your trainer may ask you to complete this assignment as one of the assessment requirements for this unit. For more information about the assessment process and advice on what to do if you need help with your reading and writing, click on the link below.

Assessment requirements

  1. What are the three basic types of communication? Give two examples from your own workplace for each type of communication.

  2. What is 'active listening'? Give two examples of ways you can demonstrate active listening when your supervisor is talking to you.

  3. Imagine you were writing down a message for a work colleague. Describe two possible reasons why they might misunderstand what you had written. For each case, explain what you could do to reduce the chance of that happening.

  4. Below is a verbal instruction that a supervisor is giving to his apprentice. Identify the main problems with this instruction and then re-write it in your own words to make the meaning clearer.

Sam, can you bring in the red toolbox from the truck? Actually, I need the pinch bar, not the toolbox. George was using it yesterday so I hope he put it back in the toolbox. He's in the next room, so if you can't find it just ask him. Who knows where it is now?

  1. Choose two forms from your own workplace that require written responses to open questions or prompts. The forms may be used to record injuries, incidents, customer complaints, OHS hazards, phone messages, maintenance requests or any other issues that require descriptive responses.

    Fill in the forms with your own details. You may report on actual situations that have occurred at your workplace, or make up scenarios that could possibly happen some time.

Doc (50 KB) Communicating with others Assignment template

Click on the link above to go to the Word document you will need to complete. You should fill in your answers on-screen and then either:

  • print out a hard copy to send to your trainer by post

  • save the file electronically to submit to your trainer as an email attachment.